BAY- The Flounder bite is red hot throughout the bay right now. Anglers are catching them at Buoy 42, The Cell, Back River Reef, the islands and pilings of the CBBT, and many other places. Traditional Flounder rigs with strip baits, live bait rigs, and jigs adorned with Gulp! baits or strip bait are all effective. We haven’t heard of many trophy sized fish, but many nice sized fish are being had daily. Spadefish are quite numerous at the Cell, as are anglers targeting them. Reports of 100 fish days are common. Attracting these fish with clam chum is the most productive. The CBBT is also a popular spot for Spades. While chumming for Spades, some anglers are attracting Cobia in their chum slick. This year hasn’t provided us with the Cobia action that we saw last year, but catches are still good. The CBBT is always a popular place to cruise and sight cast for these fish. Latimer Shoal has been consistent for those chumming. Structures on the west side of the bay have been giving up Cobia also. Savvy anglers inside Mobjack Bay are still finding Speckled Trout, and some good ones at that. Bass Assassin baits and Gulp! baits are the usual, but live bait will often catch better quality fish. The Piankatank River is another good location for Trout. Spot and Croaker are showing up in many places, but the lower Potomac has been very consistent this season. 


OCEAN- When weather allows venturing out, anglers are able to catch a variety of sport fish, such as Marlin,mostly Whites, Wahoo, Dolphin, and Yellowfin Tuna. Deep droppers are enjoying a stable bite for Seabass, Tilefish, Rosefish, and Grouper. Northeast winds blew earlier this week, sparking a good bite for Spot along the piers in the Nags Head area. Surf anglers had it a little rough, but were able to manage some Sea mullet and Bluefish.


FRESH- Impressive weights for Bass continue to come from  the Potomac River. 22+ lbs won a local evening shootout, and 22+ lbs won this past weekends’ LAPR Bass tournament. Grass fishing at it’s best right here. Topwater frogs usually produce the biggest bags, but punching mats with heavy weights is also good. A senko has been very consistent this year. Chatterbaits and spinnerbaits are also still producing good catches. The lower James and Chick have been better this year overall, especially the James. Summer patterns include crankbaits,plastic worms, and topwaters. The upper James is low and clear, making it difficult to navigate a boat, but wading can be productive, and a good way to cool off in this current heat wave. Remember, summer’s only half over. Ledges are especially effective right now, as are creek mouths, as they tend to be a a little cooler. Look for channels and other current areas on lakes right now. Shade areas can also be productive, especially combined with current, such as a bridge. Crappie also gravitate towards these areas, for obvious reasons. Live baiting Stripers at Lake Anna has been good recently, particularly for guide Jim Hemby . When the weather turns hot, live bait can especially shine, no matter what body of water you’re fishing  




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