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Q) What trends are you seeing this year in duck and goose guns?

A) This year’s trend in waterfowl guns is going bigger, better, faster.  Browning has brought out their new A5 semi-auto in a 3.5″ offering.  Beretta has the A-400 Xtreme with the recoil reducing Kick-Off System, a feature that saves the shoulder when shooting magnum shells.  Remington’s Versa-Max combines similar technologies to what is found in several Benelli models, to create what might be the best designed gun on the market.


Q) What five guns do you sell the most for duck and goose hunting?

A) As always, the Benelli Super Black Eagle II still has a dominant role in the market place. It’s my personal choice for all types of hunting. I don’t think there is a more reliable gun out there, and SBE’s have been rocking and rolling since the early 90′s. Browning’s new A5 in Mossy Oak’s new Shadow Grass Blades camo is going to look great in the marsh, and give guys that “hump-back” view down the barrel that so many have been missing.

Beretta’s A-400 Xtreme in Max-4 camo is a sharp looking piece of equipment with very little recoil, and one of my hunting partners put his through a hard season last year and was very impressed. I witnessed that gun make some awesome shots. Remington’s Versa-Max is a very strong contender for the guys who like the way it shoulders, and Remington’s model 870 pump shotgun has been and still is a go to shotgun for the guys who want the ultimate in reliability at a fraction of the cost of a high end semi-auto.

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