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Q) What gun would you recommend for duck hunting from a kayak?

A) For kayak hunting, where a short-barreled low-recoil semi-auto is needed, I don’t think you could go wrong with Beretta’s A-400 Xtreme in
Max-4 camo with a 26″ barrel. A slightly lighter and more maneuverable gun would be Benelli’s Super Black Eagle II in APG camo with a 24″ barrel.
There might be a little more recoil, but it handles wonderfully in tight situations like what you find kayak hunting on small bodies of water.


Q) What gun would you recommend for goose hunting?

A) For guys looking for a hard hitting, long range goose gun I think a fine choice would be Remington’s Versa-Max in Mossy Oak’s Duck Blind camo with a 28″ barrel. Or Beretta’s A-400 in Max-4 camo with a 30″ barrel. A lot of die-hard goose hunters still prefer the long sight plane and easy follow through they get with a longer barrel.


Q) Are there any new ammo trends for this season?

A) This year in the world of ammo I see steel coming back to the forefront with offerings like Federal’s Black Cloud and Winchester’s Blind Side, two loads with unusually shaped steel pellets that are carried down range in revolutionary new wad designs, both shells designed to keep pellets together in tighter patterns than what standard shot shells have been capable of in the past. The odd-shaped pellets are designed to increase trauma on impact and result in quicker, cleaner kills. Hevi-Shot has long been my favorite load to shoot, but with the increase in tungsten prices they’ve become too expensive for most people to afford, now costing around four dollars a round. In response, Hevi-Shot has two newer loads on the market, Hevi-Metal which is mostly steel shot with a sprinkling of “Hevi”.

pellets on top, but priced like other steel loads, and Speed-Ball which is a small steel pellet encased in layer on layer of copper, which is supposed to perform more like the original Hevi-Shot did, but for less money.

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