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Q) What are the most popular accessories for guns you sell to waterfowlers?

A) Most waterfowlers find themselves hauling a ton of gear with them when going to the field, and having your shotgun hung on your shoulder via a gun-sling frees up a hand to tote something else. Avery has two slings on the market, the Finisher sling and the Power Hunter sling, designed with a soft and stretchable neoprene that keeps it gripping, but not digging into your shoulder. I’ve been very satisfied with the Power Hunter slings that I have put on my shotguns. Dead Ringer has come out with aftermarket shotgun sights for the waterfowler designed to help a hunter quickly acquire a target and guesstimate range and lead. Patternmaster and Kicks both have choke tubes on the market now designed to improve long range pattern quality over factory chokes, and even have choke tubes designed specifically for certain types of ammunition. By choosing a premium ammo and coupling it with a premium choke tube designed just for that ammo, better patterns can be achieved now than ever before.


Q) Which gun has the newest technology this year?

A) Beretta’s A-400 has the newest technology on the market. With the Kick-Off system they are using to reduce 70% of felt recoil, the new piston system to keep the gun cleaner and operating more smoothly, and the easy on/off quick-click design of the magazine cap, there are a number of new improved features to be found in the A-400 Xtreme.

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