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 I like to do a majority of the cooking at my house, and things can fall into a rut sometimes, especially with a lot of the same proteins coming across the table day to day. Everyone who hunts or fishes has had smoked trout, venison BBQ, jerky, or any number of breaded fillets. One way to make wild game come across in a good way without stewing, BBQing, or smoking it, is to incorporate sauces that complement natural flavor.
The Beurre Blanc is a sauce made by reducing an acid (white wine, vinegar, or lemon juice) and forcing cold butter into it with a whisk. It is an excellent addition to venison, striped bass, trout, and like wild game species that I either get a lot of from friends and coworkers or provide for myself from my own sporting endeavor. It seems intimidating and it very well could be if it weren’t so easy. A reduction of white wine and white wine vinegar in equal portion is accomplished over a medium to medium high heat. The liquid should decrease by 1/3 to 1/2. Next you remove it from the heat and whisk in cubes of unsoftened butter directly from the fridge. After the butter has melted in and the sauce has been seasoned to taste, back on the heat lightly for a few minutes continuing to whisk until thickened. Serve almost immediately. I am not a cooking instructor, so if those directions were too hasty, do what I do for culinary inspiration, consult Alton Brown.

I will say that going heavy on the lemon juice, light on the wine goes well with trout, and substituting strained and set up bacon grease for some of the butter does justice to venison loin. I like parsley in the butter for rockfish, and try dill for other white fish. I have used apple cider and apple cider vinegar together for pork and a heavy soy and balsamic vinegar for deer and broccoli over rice. The bottom line is that this sauce is versatile and if you like to cook game, it will add some sophistication to yours.   


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