The recent rain might seem to deter the shad fishery, but actually it will probably just move them up the river to more accessible spots to the average angler. Those not in the boat crowd should look for places to get the shad on foot, as this is the time when that fishery shines. 


The American Shad bite has been fantastic, and as this is the larger and more energetic of the two species, it means more fun for the angler. Green and chartreuse spoons have been taking the most fish, with tandem rigged darts in both chartreuse and orange, and variations of both running a close second. Use generous weight when the river is high and running faster to get down to the fish. Run a ½ ounce weight in line with your rig, and slow down your presentation to keep your lure in the strike zone.


The fly-fisherman should use heavier flies and full sinking lines to get down to the fish. Dead drifting through the strike zone with short twitches will raise the fish.


The most successful shad anglers in both fly and gear have been using lures that have bright colors and lots of movement. Marabou and flash tails on flies and fishing small grubs on a jig head have been working well, so add this ammo to your fishing arsenal for better fishing

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