Saltwater- The Spot run has started, and anglers are catching them throughout the bay. Most days are pretty good, but the recent rainy days slowed things down a bit. Lynnhaven Pier has been a good place in the lower bay, but inside the Rappahannock has been good also. Bloodworms have been working best. Cobia action remains great, as catches continue to occur throughout the bay. Casting to navigation buoys can be more productive during this time, over others. Some fortunate anglers have encountered the schools of Red Drum,  which have been showing up in many areas, and in some cases, have been blitzing on the surface. When facing these instances, one can typically throw just about anything with success. Bigger Flounder have been caught recently, which is typical for September. An 8-13 Flounder was weighed in this week on the Eastern Shore. With the Spot running, now is an even better time to be using live or cut Spot. The Speckled Trout bite has increased also. Topwater baits and cut spot have been taking keeper Trout in areas like the mouths of the York River, Rappahannock River, and Mobjack Bay. Gulp! baits have been working well. The charter boats that have ventured out have returned with Yellowfin Tuna,  Mahi and are catching and releasing White Marlin, and Sailfish. The OBX piers are reporting Bluefish, Sea Mullet,  and Puppy Drum.

Freshwater- The Catfish action is excellent on the tidal James river. 70- 80 lb fish are becoming more common. Finding bait is generally not a problem this time of year, as bait fish pods tend to be plentiful. The bait fish tend to migrate towards the cooler water. Bass and other gamefish will follow, naturally. The Smallmouth fishing on the upper James can be especially good in September. Topwater baits can often be thrown throughout the day, even on bright, sunny days. Look for baitfish migrations to take place in our lakes, particularly in the larger lakes. The upper sections tend to harbor the best fishing, as the temps are cooler, and shallow cover can be more abundant. Lipless crankbaits and smaller spinnerbaits are good weapons to start searching with. Their smaller size can be more natural, as many of the baitfish pods are made up of smaller Shad.

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