Saltwater – For those willing to brave the elements, there’s plenty of Speckled Trout available in the Elizabeth River.  The Elizabeth River is a popular place, so, on pleasant days be prepared for crowds. . Slow trolling suspending jerk baits is working best.  Ocean wrecks are holding good numbers of Tautog. As always, clam and crab is the favored baits of these tasty fish. As with the Trout, favorable conditions will often bring crowds, especially since the Rockfish aren’t cooperating. Deep dropping is another option for high catch days during these frigid temperatures we’re experiencing.

Freshwater – The upper James is cluttered with ice patches from one side to the other, halting any traffic for now. The lower James is an option, especially for Blue Cats. Die hard anglers know what the winter season can often produce, so they don’t winterize their boats of equipment. The smaller cats don’t seem to be as active during winter. We’ve already received some good reports of Yellow perch on tidal rivers. However, check conditions before heading out, as there could very well be ice where you want to fish. Speaking of ice, even part of Lake Anna is iced over. The area below 208 is clear for now and the Bass continue to bite for savvy anglers. 14.88lbs won the Winter Series out of Sturgeon Creek Marina on the 26th. Ben Kendrick and Doug Wharton of Mechanicsville were the winters with the only 5 bass limit weighed in. Blade baits, swim baits, and jerk baits are taking the majority of fish.

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