CHESAPEAKE BAY – There’s still plenty of Cobia around whether you target them, or just happen to be at the right place at the right time. The CBBT is a good place for either. Many anglers cruise the spans searching for these hard fighting fish. An eel or bucktail should be at the ready at all times. Chumming is also working, especially in the area of York Spit. Flounder fishing inside the bay is frustrating to many anglers right now, causing them to move to ocean structures, or target other species. Flatties are being caught in many places, but limits are hard to achieve. Traditional spots like the CBBT, The Cell, and Back River Reef are holding fish, but anglers are working hard for keepers. Trigger fish and Spadefish can be found at the pilings of the CBBT, but lately the spear fishermen are having better luck. The 4th island area seems to be holding the most. Perhaps the strongest bite in the bay is the Puppy Drum. Schools of pups can be seen at Mobjack Bay, Guinea Marsh, and Fleets Bay, just to name a few places. Top water baits and Gulp! baits are outstanding. Look for the Speckled Trout bite to increase again as September nears. Quality fish are available in the Wicomico, Fleets Bay, and Poquoson Flats. As with the pups, top waters and Gulp! baits shine. Live bait like mud minnows under floats are always good for just about anything. Spanish Mackerel are being caught at Windmill Bar on trolled Clark and Drone Spoons. Schools of large Red Drum are also being encountered at the bridge tunnel area.

OCEAN – As mentioned earlier, anglers are targeting ocean structures for flounder, and are having better luck than those inside the bay. The Chesapeake Light Tower area has been particularly good. The offshore boats are enjoying a strong bite for Big Eye Tuna still, Yellow fin Tuna, and Dolphin are also still available. Billfish, like Blue Marlin and White Marlin are being caught in good numbers. Another 400lb Blue Marlin was caught this week. Surf and pier anglers along the OBX can expect to catch Spot, Sea Mullet, Bluefish, and Croaker. Reports are much the same from Buckroe and Ocean View Piers.

FRESH – The upper James is in fine shape for Smallmouth Bass and Flatheads, along with the many other species offered by the James River. Live bait always shines when artificial lures struggle to perform. Good choices of lures right now are 1/4oz buzz baits, Rico’s Yamamoto grubs, and 2” + 3” power grubs. For Flatheads, Live Bluegills and minnows are best. The lower James continues to provide better than usual results for Bass, compared to years past. Crank baits and soft plastics on Texas rigs are daily producers of limits, but top water baits often produce bigger fish early or on cloudy days. Grass frogs and soft plastics on the Chick River, are usually best. Blue Cats provide steady action, especially at night, on the lower James and Chick. Channel bends and points next to channels are great places for big fish. the grass frog bite has been very good on the Potomac lately. Hard cover has been better in areas to the north, like the D.C. area. Beaver style baits work well on both hard cover and grass. Lake Anna anglers have been trolling umbrella rigs for Stripers with good results, as an alternative to live bait. But, live bait continues to out produce on a daily basis. Weights for Bass have been down this week for Bass. 12lbs won a recent weekend Tx. Big 10” worms are working better on Kerr and Gaston. Creek channel structures consistently hold better fish now. Try night fishing for Bass for an escape from the sun and hot conditions. The period between the new moon and the full moon can be very good for night fishing, as these conditions are upon us now.

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