CHESAPEAKE BAY – The bay Flounder action is beginning to heat up finally. Good reports are increasing daily. Most reports are coming from the 4th island area of the CBBT. Those jigging bucktails with strip baits or Gulp! baits seem to be having the best luck. Reef areas like Back River Reef are also starting to produce. Speckled Trout anglers are having a blast at Poquoson Flats, Mobjack Bay, and the Piankatank River. Top water baits often catch the largest Trout of the day, but Gulp! baits like the new 5” swimming mullet and the 3” + 4” shrimp are catching numbers of quality fish too. Popping corks are also working. Many anglers are turning their attention to Cobia fishing. Most are sight casting with live bait such ass Eels or Croaker, but some prefer to bottom fish with cut bait. Chumming is another option while bottom fishing. We’ve heard of a few larger fish, but most have been in the 30-40lb range. Along with Flounder and Cobia the CBBT is attracting Spadefish, Trigger fish, and the occasional Red Drum. Large schools of Red Drum are still being encountered from the CBBT to Poquoson Flats. The larger fish in these schools are usually very aggressive. The York and Rapp rivers are still holding plenty of Croaker, and a few Spot are also being caught.

OCEAN – Along the oceanfront, some Spanish Mackerel are showing up for those targeting them by trolling Drone and Clark spoons. Many Bluefish are also caught using these baits. At the Chesapeake Light Tower, Spadefish are entertaining anglers and spear fishermen. The offshore fleets are hauling in Yellowfin Tuna, Dolphin, Wahoo, and a few billfish. Inshore boats in Nags Head and Hatteras are catching Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, and Bluefish. Surf and pier anglers can expect to catch Spot, Sea Mullet, Puppy Drum, and Speckled Trout. Deep drop charters are loading up on big Tilefish.

FRESH – Bass fishing on the tidal James has been a little off due to the high and stained water. Savvy anglers are still catching respectable limits from the James, but many run to the Chickahominy, where cleaner water is found. Grass frogs, Senkos, and creature baits are most commonly used. The Potomac River tournaments results have been a little lower this season. 17+lbs won the Fishers and Men Tx on June 22. Productive grass beds are not as widespread as they have been in the past. Snakeheads are quite common on the Potomac. Snakeheads over 17lbs have been caught this year. Blue Catfish are thriving on the tidal rivers like the Potomac, James, and Pamunkey. Fresh cut bait like shad or eels are most used. The upper James has been receiving a lot of rain over the past few weeks, making the river constantly stained and higher than normal. Smallmouth anglers have been limited. Lake Chesdin produced a winning bag of 23lbs (5 fish) recently; quite impressive. Lake Anna Bass are biting good early, where top water baits produce the best results. Texas and Carolina rigged worms will fool Bass once the sun tops over the trees. Deep cranks are also productive on Anna, as well as Kerr, Gaston, and Sandy River. Last weeks full moon probably caused the majority of Sunfish to spawn, but good sized Panfish are still available in the shallows. Many of the bigger Shell Crackers and Bluegills have moved deeper though.

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