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BAY- Anglers continue to enjoy good action for Speckled Trout inside the Elizabeth River and various creeks and rivers surrounding the Northern Neck. A few reports are stating that some Trout have been caught in Mobjack Bay. The Mirr-o-dine seems to be the hottest lure everywhere. Many fish are being caught from 2 to 6 ft. deep. Fluke type baits on jig heads are also working well for Trout.

OCEAN-  The deep drop bite for Tilefish and Grouper is still on when conditions allow getting to them. Strips or chunks of Clam and Squid are most often used. There have been some Bluefish Tuna caught recently, but mostly by the bigger boats, as weather conditions have not been favorable for smaller vessels.

FRESH-  Many are awaiting the arrival of Shad in the local tidal rivers, especially the James. It’s a bit early and many of the rivers are high and or muddy. Fishing for giant Blue Cats remains good, despite river levels. Dodging debris can be a challenge though. Soon though, bait will become easier and easier to catch. The Chickahominy will usually remain fishable for just about all the species, but for now the main focus of anglers has been for Bass and Ring Perch. Use lip-less cranks and jigs for good Bass action, along with square billed cranks. Ring Perch are also being targeted in the Pamunkey and Mattaponi, Rappahannock, and Piankatank Rivers. Some Rockfish have been caught inside these rivers lately, but they must be released for now. Green grass can already be found on the Potomac, providing the preferred cover for Bass. The river is still a bit dirty and temps average 44-49 degrees. Lip-less cranks, Chatterbaits, and jigs are great early season baits. There hasn’t been much action for Smallmouth on the upper James, as it has been high and muddy. Fishing in area lakes has been hit and and miss. There will be good weights one day and low weights the next. There is an emerging spinner bait bite though, which is a good warming sign. 18+ lbs won a weekend Tx at Gaston, and 15+ lbs was the winning weight on Anna on Saturday. Kerr Lake is presently at a level of 301.94. Area ponds and small lakes are providing the best action for Crappie and Bass. Several fish over 7 pounds were caught in the past few days. Ed Hall of Fluvanna caught an 8lb 5oz Largemouth on 3-14 from a Fluvanna county lake. His lure was undisclosed. Alabama style rigs are a good choice for big Bass right now.

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