COLDWATER- Trout are still looking to eat dry flies and nymphs. Pre-spawn browns and brookies are eager to chase down streamers as well. Now is a very good time to target large brown trout on the Jackson River or Mossy Creek. Buggers, flash flies, and Reynolds Bunny flies are all good choices for big browns.

WARMWATER- Now is a good time of year to target big crappie and bream. We caught several citation bluegill last week on yellow and white peacock buggers. Fish hit on the drop so be patient. Pickerel fishing has picked up considerably with the cooler temperatures. Divers, flash flies, and Reducers will all take these toothy fish.

SALTWATER- Striped bass and speckled trout fishing has been phenomenal. Bunker patterns as well as half & halfs have been taking bass while Clouser minnows have been best for trout. Bluefish are abundant and will take just about anything. If you want to get into them, cast to the mayhem and strip fast. If not, let the fly sink and fish below them.

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