BAY- Being the biggest source of cover/structure in the bay, the CBBT draws many species of fish and angling opportunities. One never knows what they might catch while targeting a certain species. Perhaps one of the biggest drawing cards is Flounder. Excellent catches of flatfish continue to come from here on jigs, rigs w/ strip baits, and live bait rigs. We haven’t heard of any monsters lately, but fish up to 6 lbs are a common occurrence. Other areas in the lower bay are giving up quality fish also. Back River Reef, The CELL, and 36A have been good. The CBBT has also been producing Sheepshead, Spadefish, Red Drum, and of course, Bluefish and Croaker, among others. Another popular fish being caught at the bridge tunnel and elsewhere in the bay is the Cobia. Sight casting is very popular, and as productive as any other technique right now. A bucktail or live Eel is usually the offering of choice. Chumming is another productive method for catching Cobia. Latimer Shoals, The Middle Grounds, and reef areas are common areas. A report, from earlier this week, was a large school of Red Drum roaming just under the surface on the bay side of the bridge tunnel. The source of the report said they had 4 hooked up at the same time! Now that’s exciting! Speckled Trout anglers are still catching good keepers inside Mobjack Bay. Marsh areas are often targeted with swim baits and live baits. Small Puppy Drum also inhabit these same areas, and hit the same lures. As mentioned earlier, Spadefish are quite popular right now. They are highly targeted at the Cell, Ches. Light Tower, and the CBBT, with clam baits.


OCEAN- Spanish Mackerel are still being caught at the Va Beach oceanfront, and Cape Henry, on trolled spoons. Other places in the bay have yet to make many headlines. Offshore boats are calling up some Sailfish, White Marlin, Wahoo, and Dolphin. Yellowfin Tuna are also being hooked up with good success. Surf and pier anglers are hauling in Spot, Sea Mullet, Bluefish, and some Flounder. Deep droppers are catching Seabass, Grouper, and Tilefish. Rudee Inlet has been consistently giving up Flounder and Bluefish.


FRESH- 24+ lbs won a weekend tournament on the Potomac River. Quite an impressive catch! Grass frogs probably played a big role. Even in night tournaments lasting 3 1/2 hours, 16-20lbs is expected to win. On the James River, 17+lbs won the Fishers of Men tournament on the 14th. Many contestants ran to the Chick River for their Bass, which is also fishing fairly well. Again, frogs can be quite productive, as can crankbaits and plastics. A good way to relax and cool off is to wade the upper James River and fish for Smallmouth Bass. Fish can be found below ledges, rapids, and in deeper holes. Many prefer to travel far up-river towards the mountains, for cooler water. The same presentations can be used all over the river, regardless of the location. Grubs, Flukes, top-waters, and senkos are effective. Boshers Dam, above the Huguenot Bridge, is a great hot weather spot. Look for current areas, such as channels, bridges, and water intakes or outlets for active Bass in lakes. Bridges can be especially effective in hot weather, providing both shade and current. Crankbaits and C-rigs, along with shaky heads will usually produce respectable limits wherever you fish. At Lake Gaston, John Murphy of Chesterfield recently caught a 15 1/2 in Crappie on a super fluke. Smaller lakes like Swift Creek Reservoir can be dynamite in the summer at night time. Buzzbaits can be especially exciting and effective.




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