COLDWATER- Mossy and Beaver spring creeks are fishing best right now. Terrestrials such as ants, hoppers, and to a lesser extent, beetles are taking fish. Mayfly are still consistent with Tricos in the morning. Fishing size 20 dry flies is a good way to take large browns and rainbows right now.

WARMWATER- Smallmouth bass popper fishing is the main attraction right now. The fish are aggressive despite the heat. When topwater is slow, clawdads have been taking plenty of fish on the Middle James, Rappahannock, and Shenandoah. The largemouth bite in ponds has been best at night. Fish will eagerly take poppers fish with a noisy presentation.

SALTWATER- Stripers are still on structure at night and early in the morning. Some large resident stripers are being taken now that we are seeing more Peanut Bunker. It is important to have flies to match these profiles if you want success right now. In the heat, the bass get quite finicky. Redfish and Speckled Trout have been more and more abundant in the lower and middle Bay. Seaducers, Deceivers, and Half & Half’s have been taking these fish. Sight fishing is possible on a moving tide around the marshes and islands. Blues, Flounder, and Croaker are all still falling for flies so now is a good time to get a mixed bag in the salt.

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