Green Top Fly Fishing Report 8/19/11

Coldwater- With most mountain streams low, the spring creeks are fishing best. Mossy Creek, Beaver Creek, Spring Run, and the South River Special Reg section are fishing well. Small mayfly patterns work well early in the morning during the trico hatch. The fish aren’t usually too picky, so we fish size 20 Parachute Adams. Once the sun is good and high, hoppers and ants have been the best bet. Lots of large browns have been falling for Skilton’s EZ Sight Ant.

Warmwater- Smallmouth fishing continues to be the best option. Dead drifting topwater poppers and sliders is taking most fish. Lightly weighted streamers stripped with erratic retrieves have been working well. We like Reverses and Murdich Minnows for this. Cast to the banks or over rock ledges and bring back with short jerky strips. As the nights cool down, largemouth and pickerel fishing will continue to improve.

Saltwater- Speckled trout are thick all through the bay. Redfish are making a good showing as well. Half & Half’s and clousers have been taking both along with schoolie stripers. Fishing the Hampton side of the HRBT at night is producing a good mixed bag. We like the above flies as well as Murdich Minnows and Reverses for fishing the light line at night.

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