COLDWATER- Fishing is best on the spring creeks and Jackson tailwater. Small mayfly patterns are key in the mornings during the Trico hatch. Beetles, hoppers, and ants have been fooling fish on the spring creeks. For the Jackson, nymphing is more productive. Princes, Pheasant Tails, Hare’s Ears, and Jackson River Specials are all good.

WARMWATER- Bug fishing is on for smallmouth. Drifting poppers has been taking big fish in the rivers. Largemouth fishing in ponds and lakes has been slow in the heat. Right at sunset has been good; be sure to throw something to get their attention. Big poppers and divers are good as are flash flies and Prop Terrorizers.

SALTWATER- The variety is back in the bay! Trout and Reds can be found in the marshes and on shallow water structure- drop offs, undercut banks, and creek mouths. Half and Halfs, Clousers, and shrimp flies have been taking fish. Stripers are still on wood structure and pilings. Throwing bigger flies to match the Peanut Bunker is especially productive. Fishing the lights of the HRBT has been a good way to beat the heat and catch some of the larger resident stripers. Silversides and bay anchovies are thick in the lights so be sure to have some patterns to match.

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