COLDWATER: Rainfall in the mountains has kept trout fishing good. The larger trout streams are fishing well with terrestrial flies such as Skilton’s Ant, smaller beetles, and hopper patterns. Fish have been keying on smaller mayflies as well in the mornings and evenings. A small Parachute Adams or BWO pattern will take these fish.

WARMWATER: Smallmouth fishing is where its at right now. Popper fishing has been very good, as has subsurface action with Clawdads and Clousers. The heat has stillwater fish sluggish so we recommend rivers to find the best action. Largemouth fishing can still be good, it is just essential to get out around dawn and dusk.

SALTWATER: Redfish are starting to show up in numbers in the lower bay. This week, we ran into three schools in marsh flats south of the York. The schools would spook immediately once a fish was hooked so make your shots count. A well placed Half & Half fooled several. Trout have been more common as well, chasing baitfish patterns down. Stripers and Blues are still around structure, with the bass being more sluggish during the heat of the day.

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