COLDWATER: Trout fishing has been good; blue quill and trico hatches have lingered on despite cold night time temps. Fishing nymphs is by far more effective right now though. Prince nymphs, Pheasant Tails, and Copper Johns have been best. As temps drop, we will be throwing more Green and Pink Weenies to entice sluggish fish.

WARMWATER: The best bite going right now is Chain Pickerel. Flash flies, Wiggle Minnows, Murdich Minnows, and Krystal Buggers are all taking fish. We have been fishing the Chickahominy watershed and these feisty little pike have been making for very good fishing. Crappie fishing in ponds and reservoirs has been good as well. Clouser minnows and Krystal Buggers have been accounting for most fish. They have been tight to brush piles some days and schooled out in the open others.

SALTWATER- Striped bass fishing has been picking up steadily. Big ocean fish are making a good showing around the CBBT and up into the bay. We throw big Bunker patterns, Half & Halfs and Seekers for these fish. Now is a good time to find schools of fish working under birds throughout the bay. Trout fishing is still good in the warmwater discharge areas as well as in Rudee and Lynnhaven inlet. We prefer tandem rigs for these fish; big profile streamers with Clousers dropped off the back have been working best for us.

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