COLDWATER- As water levels recede, the trout fishing is fantastic. Hoppers and ants are still fishing well but the mountain streams are home to some good Blue Quill and Caddis hatches so be sure to cover all bases. Mossy Creek has been fishing well with hoppers and streamers.

WARMWATER- The high water has made largemouth and smallmouth fishing tough. As soon as the James comes down, big streamers will be taking fish. This is the case currently on the Shenandoah; fish are gorging on baitfish to fatten up for the winter. We recommend Reverses and Deceivers to match the baitfish. Crappie fishing has picked up in ponds, fishing buggers and damsels over brush piles has been taking fish.

SALTWATER- The striper fishing has really turned on. The abundance of silversides is making up for the lack of bunker. Bluefish blitzes have been commonplace, especially around rock structure. The islands of the HRBT and CBBT have produced consistent bluefish blitzes. Get your flies below the surface action to hook into the larger stripers. Trout fishing in the grass marshes and docklights has been phenomenal. During the day, we are fishing bigger Murdich Minnows and Deceivers. At night, the Mummi Clousers and Lightline Silversides have been taking most trout and schoolies.

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  1. I used my new fly rod I purchased at G Top yesterday. The James River just below the city of Richmond was not clear and had snags. Surface dry flies would have done better than these wet flies. The leader should have been heavier test line because it snapped like rotted thread twice loosing me 2 of my new flies. What looked like a Carp through the dirty water was following the fly and smelling it. Carp seem to have more good sense not to eat junk food than people. Is there a spray flavoring or sent I can apply to the flies that would give them authentic live bate smell and taste?

    I think I may need to bring my fly rod and reel in to have the line checked to see if it is any good. It has been in storage for years. It still floats but there may be new products that have superior abilities.

    I may want to start making my own flies if I can find a vice and other tools at a good deal. I wasn’t very impressed with the wet flies sinking. I like to see the big pop on the surface of the water when a big Bluegill takes the bait.

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