2013 Virginia Sporting Clays Championship

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The 2013 Virginia Sporting Clays Championship was held Aug. 22-25 at Primland in Meadows of Dan, VA.  It was a beautiful setting!  One of our pros, Travis Barrett, participated in the event and performed well. There were 154 people that participated in the event spanning several Classes. Travis shot in D-Class and here are his results:


Preliminary Event D-Class (18 people):

1st Place Finish (82 out of 100)


Main Event D-Class (26 people):

1st Place Finish (151 out of 200)


He scored so well that he accrued enough points to move to C-Class!

Travis tries to shoot … Read More »

Shad report 03/28

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The shad are on the bottom and the current is swift on the James River. In order to coax them up, local anglers are still using a ½ oz weight, but a better color selection for this part of the week would be pink/white or chartreuse/white. The same colors go well for the fly-fishing crowd, but getting down to the fish is a bit more involved. A sink tip will not do it at the moment. A full sink line over 300 grains is more likely to dredge them up, … Read More »

The Selective Crap Part I: New Beginnings

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While not as hard pulling as a rockfish or as striking as a brook trout, crappie hold all of the characteristics to make them an excellent fly fishing species. My initial encounters with them were accidental; they would hit a popper intended for bluegill or a streamer when targeting bass. As I fished more, I noticed many occasions where I could see them schooled up eating but could not catch them. This drove me insane. I was

determined to learn how to catch these fish.


Early in the season, often in mid-February, … Read More »

Todd Sadler, Luke Rush, Austin Rush

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