Gettin’ The Jump On Ole Tom Turkey

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Flowers and trees are blooming, way ahead of schedule this year. Dogwoods were blooming in March for the first time I can remember. Trees are already leafing out. Bluebirds are nesting in the nest boxes, and Canada Geese are sitting on nests on the sides of ponds. Geese and turkeys are reportedly hatching the first chicks of 2012 already. Opening day of spring gobbler season fast approaches, and this year the birds are already full in the swing of things. When you step out into the spring woods this year, … Read More »

Dethroning the king of spring part 1

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Virginia has had its fair share of snow this winter, which has only added to my impatience to get in the woods and hear the bellowing sound of gobbling from a Tom’s early morning roost. I’ve been hunting these alert and wary birds for more than twenty years, which has allowed me time to develop strategies to hunt this keen sighted adversary; strategies such as scouting, being familiar with your weapon, proper camo, calls and last, but not least, understanding the vocabulary of turkeys. These are all mechanisms of the hunt.

The … Read More »