“Where’s the Ammo?” from the American Hunter Sept. 2013 (an NRA Publication)

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American Hunter (an NRA Publication)

“Where’s the Ammo?”

It is consumer demand that keeps supplies of ammo nationwide low—and prices high. To figure out why, you might ask your neighbor.

By Jon Draper

September, 2013


The NRA is regularly inundated with letters from members requesting an explanation of the nationwide ammo shortage. Some folks merely vent their frustration over the amount of ammo they are able to acquire for range sessions. Some complain about the jump in prices; they insist it can’t all be explained by supply and … Read More »

New Waterfowl Department!!!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I am so glad to announce a NEW AND IMPROVED AND MUCH LARGER Waterfowl Department that Green Top will feature in our new building this fall. With over four times the space in our new building as what the store has had in the past, many of our departments will be expanding and improving, and our Waterfowl Department will be growing by leaps and bounds. It’s a little late in the summer to be placing orders for this fall’s gear unfortunately, but I am reaching out right … Read More »

Gettin’ The Jump On Ole Tom Turkey

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Flowers and trees are blooming, way ahead of schedule this year. Dogwoods were blooming in March for the first time I can remember. Trees are already leafing out. Bluebirds are nesting in the nest boxes, and Canada Geese are sitting on nests on the sides of ponds. Geese and turkeys are reportedly hatching the first chicks of 2012 already. Opening day of spring gobbler season fast approaches, and this year the birds are already full in the swing of things. When you step out into the spring woods this year, … Read More »

What A Day

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On Tuesday, February 7th, 2012, Bart from our clothing department and myself went to goose hunt a small pond in a cattle pasture that I was fortunate enough to have secured permission to in the northern piedmont. We were taking advantage of the later season for geese that runs until February 15th in the Southern James Bay population zone, where the limit is 5 birds per person this late in the year. The landowner had informed me that there were a hundred and fifty or so geese using this … Read More »