Green Top Weekly Fishing Report 07 2012

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BAY- Being the biggest source of cover/structure in the bay, the CBBT draws many species of fish and angling opportunities. One never knows what they might catch while targeting a certain species. Perhaps one of the biggest drawing cards is Flounder. Excellent catches of flatfish continue to come from here on jigs, rigs w/ strip baits, and live bait rigs. We haven’t heard of any monsters lately, but fish up to 6 lbs are a common occurrence. Other areas in the lower bay are giving up quality fish also. Back … Read More »

Spring Run Stripers

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Spring in Virginia is a fisherman’s paradise. For some, it’s largemouth bass on the beds, for some it is brook trout in the mountains; for me it has always been striped bass on their annual spawning run. If you have never given it a chance, there are several things to consider while fishing for striped bass in rivers.


            While birds are tell-tale signs of feeding striped bass in the bay, there is no blatant giveaway of where the fish are holding in moving waters. There are two main things to … Read More »

Smallmouth on the fly primer.

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You could read several books about catching smallmouth bass on the fly and still get it wrong. I have. You think you have your favorite stream or river pegged, and then you take a good fish from an unexpected place, or on an unexpected fly. It can be frustrating, but also the very point of the sport that keeps bringing us back; a very simple problem of catching fish that compounds over time.


I like to break down fly choice into small categories that make it easier to know when to … Read More »

Green Top Fishing Report 01/20/2012

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BAY – Rockfish are still available inside the bay for catch and release anglers. Most are focusing on the Cape Charles/ CBBT area with good results. Mojos, stretch baits, and tandem rigs are quite popular. For those seeking to stay well within bay waters, the Speckled Trout are quite active inside the Elizabeth River. Mirro lures are probably your best bet right now. Trolled jerkbaits are also working to locate fish quickly.

OCEAN – The ocean is the focus of most that are after Rockfish, as impressive catches are still being … Read More »