BAY – Rockfish are still available inside the bay for catch and release anglers. Most are focusing on the Cape Charles/ CBBT area with good results. Mojos, stretch baits, and tandem rigs are quite popular. For those seeking to stay well within bay waters, the Speckled Trout are quite active inside the Elizabeth River. Mirro lures are probably your best bet right now. Trolled jerkbaits are also working to locate fish quickly.

OCEAN – The ocean is the focus of most that are after Rockfish, as impressive catches are still being made from Wachapreque to RudeeInlet. Tandem rigs have been very effective lately, as have mojos with umbrella rigs. Two to three miles out has been the most productive, but know where the 3mile line is, as enforcement officials are out in force. Many are tangling with Bluefin Tuna just outside the 3 mile line. Know the law when targeting thesebrutes, for stiff fines and severe consequences await those who gamble with regulations. Some of the Tuna caught lately have been close to 250lbs. proper equiptment isneeded to avoid hurt feelings by these fish.

FRESH – The upper James is returning to normal conditions, but as of right now, it’s still a bit stained. Barring any heavy rain, this weekend should be productive. Crankbaits are good lure choices, and large minnows are usually best as far as live bait goes. The lower James and Chick continue to be top choices for big Blue Catfish. We stock live eels through the winter. Bass usually bite good all winter on the Chickahominy River. Silver buddies are hard to beat here. Some may be after Yellow Perch already on the many tidal rivers that surround us. The Chick, Rappahannock, Mattaponi, and Pamunkey are all good, especially in February and March.

LAKES – 15lbs won the most recent winter Tx on Lake Anna. Guy Davis and Mark Mcghee were the winners out of Sturgeon Creek Marina. Blade baits,shaky heads and swim baits have been the fish producers. Stripers are beingcaught at Dike 3, the 208 area and the splits. Jigging spoons and live baithave been the most productive lately. Kerr Lake is at 297’ currently. The lower end has been better for Bass fishermen. Spoons and jerkbaits are the mainchoices for lures.

PONDS – Small jigs have been catching just about everything in ponds right now. It’s best to jig or reel these slowly across the bottom right now, especially for Bass. Crappie are biting well also, but they areusually a little higher in the water column.

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